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Banner Ad Discount - 2013-03-12
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Take advantage of our online visibility and the fact that we currently get over 50,000 targeted and unique aviation related visitors each month. Run a banner ad (fixed and visible on every page of the website) at a discounted rate (contact us about details) with no long term contract commitments. Detailed monthly banner statistics provided.
AeroBid #1 on Google - 2010-07-28
Dear Aviation Enthusiasts,

We have been ranked #1 for over two years on Google regarding the following search terms:

1. aviation auction
2. airplane auction

Take advantage of our online visibility and the fact that we currently get over 15,000 unique visitors each month. List your item(s) with us for free. We are the CraigsList for aviators.

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If you are not a member of AeroBid please join our community by registering here.

Thank you,

The AeroBid Staff
Trade-A-Plane Marketing - 2009-09-04
Dear Aviation Enthusiasts,

Look for our full page ad in Trade-A-Plane publication. We are doing a large online and traditional based marketing campaign. Help AeroBid take off (pun intended!) by letting your aviation buddies know about our free auction website.

If you are not a member please join our community by registering here. Feel free to list an item for sale and (or) look and bid at our already listed auctions.

Thank you for visiting us,

The AeroBid Staff
Why should I use AeroBid? - 2009-03-07
1. We are a 100% free service that covers both auctions and classified ads.
2. You can't beat free in this economy. :-)
3. We have hundreds of members and are continuing to grow every day.
4. We support the general aviation industry.
5. We are the only specialized online aviation auction website.
6. Thousands of website visitors get to see your items every day.
7. We have a forum where you can contribute your thoughts and communicate with other members.
8. We market the website both online and offline and have high visibility with Google.
9. We are ad supported thanks to your activity.
AeroBid is 100% FREE !!! - 2008-01-14
Dear Aviation Enthusiasts,

We would like to remind you that AeroBid is a completely free online auction service. There are no fees of any kind. Our revenue is derived from displaying aviation related ads.

If you are a seller, we suggest that you list your items with us for free. Most likely you have them already listed on eBay or some other fee based site. Listing them on AeroBid can only increase your overall exposure and you can do that at no cost. What do you have to lose? Our website gets tens of thousands of visitors every month and chances are that your items might sell. When you list your items select the automatic relisting in your auction setup.

If you are a bidder, we hope that you will find our selection of aviation related auctions useful and interesting.

We also offer free wanted ads and store services. Wanted ads work the same way as classified ads. Store services allow sellers with a lot of items to create a virtual store on AeroBid where they can sell their items.

Join our community and tell your friends about AeroBid - The Free Online Aviation Auction,

Thank you on your support,

The Aerobid Staff
The Finer Points Podcast - 2007-10-22
Dear Aviation Enthusiasts,

Starting November 1st AeroBid will be sponsoring The Finer Points - Aviation Podcast. Please visit their web site where you can access free weekly aviation podcasts (available in both audio and video formats). The Finer Points is one of the most popular aviation podcasts and is hosted by Jason Miller, CFI from San Francisco, California.

Once again, thank you on your business,

The Aerobid Staff
AeroBid supports AOPA - 2007-06-02
Dear Aviation Enthusiasts,

In support of the General Aviation community throughout the United States, we are proud to announce that we are now one of the sponsors of Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association. AOPA exists to serve the interests of its members as aircraft owners and pilots, and to promote the economy, safety, utility, and popularity of flight in general aviation aircraft.

As AOPA supporters, we are strongly opposed to the Bush administration's Next Generation Air Transportation System Financing Reform Act of 2007. This bill introduces new channels of revenues for the FAAin the form of fees that general aviation pilots would have to pay. The FAA has suggested to the U.S. Congress that aircraft should pay for Air Traffic Control (ATC) Services for each usage, such as a pilot talking to a controller for a clearance to perform a spesific maneuver. FAA argues that the increase in traffic requires a new funding structure other than or in addition to the current airline passenger fees and aviation fuel alone.

AOPA argues that the new funding structure is not required to meet the needs of modernizing the ATC system. In addition the General Aviation community and activities will be reduced if usage fees are levied on the pilots using the ATC system. Phil Boyer, AOPA's president, claims that the new proposed funding structure will generate less revenue for FAA than the currently used structure.

We hope that in addition to registering on our website, you will also join the ranks of AOPA so we can together protect our general aviation rights.

Thank You.

The AeroBid Staff
AeroBid Forum Added - 2007-04-04
Dear Aviation Enthusiasts,

We added a
forumto foster discussion about all things aviation. Enjoy! :-)

Thank you on visiting our website.

The AeroBid Staff
AeroBid Launch - 2007-03-30
Dear Aviation Enthusiasts,

AeroBid - The World's Premiere Online Aviation Auction has opened its doors today. We hope that in time you will find our service useful. As the only specialized online aviation auction on the Internet, we feel honored to be able to serve you by providing you with a place to sell and bid on various aviation products and services for free.

Unlike eBay and Yahoo we cater to a niche market at half the cost with better customer service. We are also pilots and as such we decided to create a community driven market place where your direct input will shape the best price at which you acquire products and services.

Once again, thank you for choosing AeroBid.

The AeroBid Staff
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